Christmas Tree of Life

The Tree of Life. A film by Terrence Malick. A masterpiece.

A poetic meditation on Grace.

I compiled some scenes from the film to accompany a song by Dan Reed Network, Color this hour (only available as a live version).

It’s my Christmas meditation this year. Celebrating Christmas, we really welcome the miracle of Love incarnate.

Drops of water shed on a newborn baby’s head symbolically remind us of the transformational power of Love’s glory – a gentle, vulnerable yet free and creative dynamic amidst the grand forces of nature.

Enjoy. Click to watch and to listen:

“Well, I know Love sits in a corner,

patiently waiting for the bell to ring

Let it ring…

it’ll come out swingin’ when it feels ready

make it easy for the silent to sing…

Color the sky, baby, color this hour,

shed some rain on this broken flower…

Color the sky, color this hour,

shed some light with your infinite power…

then color this hour…”

(from Color this hour, by Dan Reed Network)

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