Christmas Concert (by Incensum)

On December 14, 2014, Incensum, the vocal ensemble I am part of, performed a concert (in Aalst, Kerk OLV van Bijstand) for the occasion of Advent and Christmas, together with a choir from South Africa – Bergrivierkoor.

We’ve recorded this concert and you can hear Incensum sing its parts by clicking the film below [or open download file]. It is not a professional recording but I do think you get a pretty good idea of our sound. There are six of us:

Migrant Mother (by Dorothea Lange 1936)Colin De Pelsmaker: first alto, countertenor
Erik Buys: second alto, countertenor
Luc Claessens: tenor
Miguel Van de Velde: tenor
Simon Bomon: bass
Piet De Laender: bass

For more information on the songs we sang (lyrics and translation), click here (pdf).


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