Via Crucis (Wim Delvoye & David Bowie)

Wim Delvoye made an intriguing Via Crucis, using X-ray images of rats to depict the different Stations of the Cross. I used it together with the song Lazarus by the late David Bowie to make a meditation. Apart from some scenes of the graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegelman, other images included are:

  • Ash Jesus (Zhang Huan, 2011)
  • Still Life or Pieta (Sam Jinks, 2007)
  • Black Christ (Vanessa Beecroft, 2006)
  • Tote BlaurackeDead Bluebird (Albrecht Dürer, 1512)

Click to watch:


  1. Hi Erik, I’ve always wondered why it is so hard to imitate Jesus… Well, your meditation has just reminded me of my own identification with the aggressor/oppressor. Although it does not cure the pain, it allows to avoid it by transferring it to someone else. Being/acting/trying to behave like a Jesus follower/imitator is a long process that can be started by a new awareness of one’s own suffering… To be continued.
    Thanks for your posts.



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